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The blueprint for using your paralegal skills to launch a business.


The idea to write this book came from paralegals seeking to launch virtual paralegal businesses or a side hustle. This book explores a collection of techniques and insights based on my experiences working with legal freelance providers such as Axiom Law for almost ten years.

               WHO WE ARE

      Virtual Paralegal Entrepreneurs LLC 

is an online alliance of paralegal entrepreneurs who enjoy networking and building their businesses.

We educate paralegals on how to use their skills to become entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to connect virtual paralegals with their target clients and provide a wide range of opportunities that can lead to enhanced business relationships, visibility, and, ultimately, more success.


List your business on the Virtual Paralegal Directory where you can showcase your education, skills, and expertise to hiring managers, network and collaborate with virtual paralegals.


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Disclaimer: There is no express or implied warranty given.

Virtual Paralegal Entrepreneurs LLC ™ is not a law firm and is prohibited from giving any legal advice.  Any & All products & services published by VPE are solely for informational purposes. Virtual Paralegal Entrepreneurs LLC ™ is not a Paralegal School. We cannot assist you in getting a paralegal certificate or degree.

Virtual Paralegal Entrepreneurs LLC

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