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The legal industry is entering a period of change driven by technological growth; the coronavirus and the current economic conditions have resulted in more paralegals launching virtual businesses. It has been reported that there are fifty-three million freelancers in America today. Within the next five years, this will increase to 85% of the U.S. workforce, including paralegals.

  The idea to write this book came from paralegals seeking to launch virtual paralegal businesses or a side hustle. This book explores techniques and insights based on my experiences working with legal freelance providers such as Axiom Law for almost ten years.

If you are a paralegal considering launching a business, this is the book to guide you through the process. This book covers the steps you must take from market research, formation & registration, transitioning from employee to entrepreneur, and launch.  

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Should you Launch a Virtual Paralegal Business?

How to Manage your Virtual Paralegal Business?

How to Market your Virtual Paralegal Business?

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