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The Rise of Generative Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Industry.

22 Jan 2024 10:06 PM | Cordina (Administrator)

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) platforms such as ChatGPT, DALLĀ·E, Jasper, Soundraw, and so on proved to be the talking point of 2023. Not just in the legal sector but across the economy and the world. A recent LexisNexis report, the legal profession's future, aimed to understand AI's current awareness and application in the sector. And, while the present use seemed minimal, with just over a third (36%) of respondents suggesting that they use the tech, the projected use seemed astronomical.

Lawyers are increasingly turning to generative AI to find solutions. They are using the tech to produce briefs, documents, and content. They are ideating with AI, improving processes, and streamlining operations. They draft, negotiate, and analyze contracts. Lawyers used to speed up and improve their legal research drastically. And they are using AI for everyday tasks, including the most basic forms of communication.

In short, AI has started to redefine the legal sector in 2023 and will become even more popular in 2024. The tech possesses an aura of inevitability and the lawyers and virtual paralegals that fail to utilize the tech, will be the lawyers and paralegals that fail to embrace the advantages it brings, and will ultimately fall behind.

By: Dylan Brown

Dylan is the Content Lead at LexisNexis UK. Before writing about law, he covered topics including business, technology, retail, talent management, and advertising.